The sun is peeking over the horizon, but I am already awake.

She is next to me.

Her skin is hot.

She burns.

Like even while at rest, the stardust in her composition spins and turns

Replenishing her magic.

Because magic she surely is.

She sparkles and glows.

The proof is in her smile.

If you sit a while

And wait

She’ll show you.

But you’ll have to be patient.

She only shares it with a

Privileged few.

I saw it right away.

Not the smile

That came another day.

I mean the magic.

You see

It’s also in her eyes.

They’re alive.

They dance. They invite.

They scold.

They have a language all their own.

Which is important to note, because she won’t


She’s selective

With her words.


Of her heart.

It’s been broken.

I still don’t know how




Doesn’t always


And her eyes

While quite articulate

Only speak one language.

And I

While well versed in the prose her orbs compose

Know that some things get lost in translation.

She hides. In plain sight.

She slips away

Quiet like.

But there’s not a soul who knows


Better than


And I see


I see when her magic dims.

And how her obsidian circles sometimes fill with salty tears that become

Deep oceans

Where her troubles swim.

Eyes like windows with blinds shut tight

Behind which

She disappears.

I don’t know where she goes.

(Inside her fears?)

I wish she’d take me with her.

But I know she isn’t used to traveling with passengers.

And I do have a lot of baggage.


I know

My load has gotten lighter as of late.

Her back supports a lot of weight.

That’s part of her magic too.

Her strength.

She’s the strongest person I know.

Or knew.

She’s so much stronger than me.

She’s able to hold all of my dreams.

And I dream big.

She carries me with her. She keeps me safe.

I wonder if she knows that she’s my way


I don’t get so lost these days.

The sun is sneaking through the window now, and I am still awake.

She is next to me.

Naked and free.

She stirs.

And I stir with her.

Her muscles bend and flex

And I see sex.

You see

There’s magic in her skin

It draws me in.

Black as night


Absorbs all of my light.

But I don’t mind.

I’ve learned that I only exist to reflect the light she takes in kind.

We’re good that way.

The perfect contradiction.

Juxtaposing our way through life.

Husband and wife.

Darkness and Light.

We are the down and the up


She’s soft.

And I’m hard.

But that should come as no surprise.

You see

There’s magic

In between her thighs.

And in her cries.

And while she prays.

And when it’s my name

She says

Over, and over, and over again.

Thanking God

For making

Man and Woman

The perfect fit.

And with my need to water seeds

She is the perfect conduit.

She is the soil that I plant myself into

With deep roots.

My name…

She speaks.

And just like that

I am trapped

In the gossamer threads of the web

That is her voice.

I have no choice.

‘Cause while she doesn’t always speak

She sings to me

In melodies composed of secret dreams and fantasies.

I am her harmony.

And when we come together, Our vibrations

Rival symphonies.

The sun is streaming through the window now, and I am wide awake.

She is next to me.

A queen.

And I am her loyal subject.

Her valiant Knight

Ready and willing to slay all of the dragons that threaten her peaceful reign.

But she doesn’t need me.

Her sword is far from clean.

She started slaying dragons long before she knew how dangerous fire could be.

And even after getting burned

There’s beauty in the scars she’s earned.

Pain can be useful.

You see

There’s magic in the way she fights.

Like she’s got something to lose.

A warrior. She battles

To the death.

And no matter which

Weapon you choose

She won’t give in.



Her only option.

She fights to win.

And I give thanks to a God I don’t believe exists

That I get

To stand next

To her.

This ancient Goddess of Love and War


In a new world.


Has been restored.

Logic and reason are the constitution we now uphold.

With rules written in her moral code.


You see

There’s magic in the way she thinks.

And when I drink from her cup of wisdom

I gain greater clarity into the Me I am supposed to be.


Unlocks the possibility of tomorrow for me.

The future is a vision that she teaches me to manifest.

Our common interests 


To create

New members of a society

Where I am King and She is Queen.

And together

We clear all obstacles

Real and perceived

That block the path that we have set for our happiness.

She plots the course

I pave the way

Understanding that day to day the need for change

Means leaving space

For detours.

But her north is far more true than mine.

And that’s why I always get in line with her steps.

Surfing along the lengths of her mental waves

Is how I meditate.

She is my quiet place.

And I would sit in silence for the rest of my days

For just a taste

Of the peace

That comes from holding her hand.

You have to understand


To me




The sun is beaming through the window now, and I am well.

She is next to me

Like a fairy

Without wings.

I think I’ll call her


Written June, 2016


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Student, singer, actor, writer, yarn artist, teacher, blogger, soap watcher, beer drinker, progressive, womynist. Lactose intolerant. INTP. Black AF.

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